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Making downwards adj on Tango4 4-16-44

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Hello all - hoping someone can help me out,

I just mounted a Tango4 4-16-44 on a 20moa base, went to range and at 50yds was extremely high, with the zero stop I could not move the turret for a downward adjustment, I’ve read that if you loosen the set screws and raise the turret to the #1 then rotate downward it will move the point of impact however I do not get any resistance or clicking that it’s actually moving the point of impact please advise
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Hola, Welcome from Georgia....not sure about that question but best believe someone will be along that knows way more than me.
The 20MOA mount is for long range targets. It compensates bullet drop. Get a standard mount with 0 moa cant. What type rifle are you working with ?
Tas, I put it on my daughters Tikka 270, we do long range shooting out to about 600 yards and elk hunting most shots between 200 and 400 I got it figured out With a little help from a guy at the range who has the Sig Tango4. I was able to raise the turret reset the screws creating room for downward adj. and then make my downward adjustments I am now zero and 200 which is where I wanted to be thank you for your reply I appreciate it
Welcome from Georgia.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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