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PM your offers, thanks! ‬ for pics/info

Trade for:
optics, Glock/AK47/ar15 slide-parts/tools/upper/BCGs/barrels/mags, 1911/sig220 10rnd mags, sig239/229 mags/srt-kits, and barrels for G26/19 Sig229/226/239 and Glock35, other firearm parts...etc.

Glock 26, 27, G33 mags
2x 10rnd Sig229 .40sw mags
1x10rnd xd9sc mag
7x 5rnd Chinese ak47 steel, 5x 10rnd surplus steel

Glock parts for 9mm and 40sw:
Stripped Gen3 G35 Suarez slide RMR cut
Stormlake stainless 40sw barrels: Glock 27/33/24
9/40sw Vickers Tactical magazine floor plates in different colors...fde, black, olive...17x
3x Pearce G42 pinky extensions
3x +1 Pearce G43 pinky extensions, G43 OWB holster & mag-holster; and IWB kydex holster
3.5lb trigger connectors (3x Ghost, Zev, polished dot, minus, polished connectors)
Polished gen3 9mm/40sw trigger kit with polished connector
Complete factory serrated trigger kit for 9mm or 40sw
-7x subcompact Pearce pinky extensions (plus-0), and 2x GAP pinky extensions
LW gen3 to gen4 slide spacer (for subcompact glock frame with gen3 compact 19/23/32 slides)

Lights & Lasers:
Viridian G26/27/33 green laser plus holster
Bushnell TRS 25 red dot
12G green laser and vetical light grip

Berreta 92:
Stripped slide and barrel (no internals)
Beretta 92fs stock polymer trigger, and 2x Houge rubber grip sets
3x Holsters

AK metal quadrail handguard set (have 2)
Stamped AK: wood stock, polymer stock, and Tapco polymer folding stock device
Saiga ak47 factory sportster stock, rear-sight, gas tube, gas block, front sight, and handguard plus Carolina trigger guard
Fake AK47 can extension for pistol barrel
Magpul ak47 fde and black handgaurd sets
Ak Magpul/Houge/miscellaneous pistol and vertical grips; also metal VG with light

"Trump 2016" red adonized AR15 handguard (very light) trade for similar HG in black
Troy Industries drop in battle rail 7" FDE, super light
Troy Industries TRX Extreme Drop-In BattleRail 7” Handguard set
Midwest Industries 308/7.62 15" free-float handgaurd
CMMG MK3 RKM15 AR10 handguard
7x Magpul MOE vertical
Magpul ar15 fde mid length HG, black carbine and mid length HG sets, and fde carbine SL MOE handguard $30 per set
AR15 FDE Magpul Plus grip with kydex wrap around featureless fin
1-piece featureless polymer grip-fin
YHM front flip sight tower, hooded w/ bayonet lug
Knight's Armament Vertical Grip-
4x miscellaneous brakes/flashHider/comps
Fake can extension for pistol barrel

CZ compact rubber grips and cz full size plastic grips
Sig p220. kydex/leather holsters
Sig229/225 night sights Trijicon 3-dot
Sig p220/229/239/1911 Houge grips
Sig 227/226/220 Sig Sauer OWB & IWB leather holsters
4x 10rnd "MP9C" mags (earlier model) with pinky extensions and kydex iwb holster
Miscellaneous Amazon folding knives (copies of major brand models)


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5. Micro pistol holster brown leather
6. Micro pistol holster grippy
7. Glock 27 sticky holster
8. Compact sized pistol sticky holster
9. G27 iwb kydex holster
10. G19 camo holster
11. MP9c (early model) iwb holster
12. G27 iwb holster
13. Blackhawk G27 owb holster
14/14a/14b. Glock43 kydex owb & mag holsters; plus iwb holster
15. Walter PPQ TLR1 light owb holster
16. Miscellaneous hunting bag
18. 92FS LH leather holster
19. 92FS Beretta duty holster
20. G19 iwb holster
21. G21 Safariland owb holster
22. G19 iwb holster
23. G19 iwb holster
23. G17 brown leather holster
24. G17 black leather holster
25. G17 holster
26/20. Sig220 brown owb leather holster and mag holster
18. 6" revolver holster
19. 1911 owb leather holster
27. Glock30 iwb holster
29. 1911 pancake leather holster
30. iwb pocket mag holster
31. G17 iwb holster
32. CZ75 holster
34. G17 holster
35. 1911 mag holsters
36. G17 holster FDE
37. G17 with TLR1 light holster
38. G17 holster owb
39. G17 with TLR1 Sarafiland holster
40. Mag pouch
41. G17 leather owb paddle holster
42. 3"/small pistol leather holster
43. camo kneepads
44. camo leg holster
45. Sig220/226 owb holster
46. Sig226 brown leather holster
47/47a. Sig 229 iwb holster with mag holster
48. Sig227 owb holster
49/50/50. camo mag pouches
51. Sig227 leather holster with TLR1 light
52. Brown suede compact sized pistol holster
53. Sig226 no rail SOB holster (has small cut on top)
54. Sig227/220/226 leather holster
....fobus owb Sig229 holster


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I didn't see a pic of the AR-15 parts. Sorry if I overlooked it. I would like to see pix and prices when you get a moment. You can send them in a PM as well.


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I only want to trade for what I need. It's best to text me as I dont check thread much, thanks.

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Have 8x 8rnd sig 1911 mags, and a 7rnd wilson mag with bumper plate 30 each plus shipping...all in great condition or like new.
Also have 1911 and sig 220.229.226 holsters

Open to trade for ar15 ak47, sig239.229 40sw, glock xd9 mags, and parts...bushcraft etc
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