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Mag insert source?

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I'm currently using 228 magazine locking inserts in my 227 mags to fit an extra round. I'm thinking the inserts might be more valuable in their factory original mags. But I would like to maintain the 15rd capacity in my 227 mags. Does anybody have a source for 226/228 mag locking inserts? Top gun has them listed but not in stock. I'm on the notification list but curious if anybody here has a source they're willing to share.
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Are you wanting the ones that look like this?
Bicycle part Font Circle Rim Auto part

If so, I have found the S&W part number 390160000 is a perfect fit for my Sig magazines.
Smith & Wesson Mag Base Pad Catch High Capacity S&W M&P M&P Compact
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That's what I need. Thanks man. I'll get em ordered asap.
Nope, I only love animate objects, like people and dogs. But I sure do like it a lot.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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