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Mag compatibility 322-250

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Curious if anyone has both a p322 and a P250/320 to see if the 322 mag will fit/align for a P250.

Really enjoy my P250 with the 22 top end; curious if the increased mag size could be made to work.

I venture to guess they used the 320/365 grips as the baseline for the 322.
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I know nothing of the 250 but I think we can say with certainty that the 322 has a completely unique magazine design with no intent of cross compatibility to other models.
It’s also been noted on numerous reviews that the grip frame bears some resemblance to both the 320 and the 365, but is also it’s own unique design and will fit holsters for neither of those. Nor is there any chance of swapping FCU or barrel. The 322 was designed from the ground up to be what it is.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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