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Mag catch for sp2022/2009/2340

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Hey, so I made a post about the trigger bar spring and found the right one to get with the help from you all..

I also took it upon myself to get a mag catch stop and spring for my mag catch I still need..

It turns out I probably should have asked you all more questions before I bought stuff.. Lol

The mag catch spring should work but the mag catch stop is from a p320.. I read that all the p series including the sp would use the same stuff.. They don't..

The mag catch stop for the 320 is bigger.. It has one corner cut out and the other corner stops it from sitting flush on the mag catch.. if I cut that corner it still looks much bigger then a sp mag catch stop.. I was thinking maybe I can cut that corner and dremal it down?

If not I can buy the correct one for like 10 bucks..

So my questions are.. do you think there's anyway I can use that 320 mag catch stop if I cut or trim it up with a dremal?

As for the mag catch itself i'd rather buy a used one then a new one for 25 bucks..

If know where I can get one cheaper then numrich that would be nice.

I can print one also but I don't really want to put a plastic one in my dad's sp.. If it comes down to buying a new one for 25 bucks I guess I could live with a plastic one temporarily.. Until no find a used one.

As for the mag catch stop.. if I can't salvage this one I guess I'll have to buy one..

I can print that part also but isn't that part supposed to be a flexible polymer?

Printing it in pla it would probably just get weak and break over time.. I could do it in nylon but if it needs to be flexible in probably better off buying one.. However if it doesn't flex or doesn't flex much I could do that in nylon.. So hopefully someone knows how that part works and the mechanical stress that would be on it.

Hopefully someone has some advice I don't know what to do 馃槓
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Did you already have a post about this?

Anyway, I replied in your other thread about the SP2022 parts kit. It contains the following:

  • Trigger Pivot Retainer
  • Trigger Spring
  • Mag Catch Stop
  • Mag Catch Spring
  • Decocking Lever Spring
  • Slide Catch Spring
  • Firing Pin
  • Firing Pin Spring
  • Firing Pin Positioning Pin
  • Recoil Spring
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hey well now I have everything besides a correct mag catch and a mag catch stop..

I can buy a mag catch stop from midway for 10 bucks but I can also print one for free.

So to determine what route I will take I would need to know how much stress is on that mag catch stop? Is it a hyper extended part that nerds to flex and stretch? Or is there little flexing and stretching?

I can print the mag catch stop in nylon and that's pretty strong stuff.. my guess is the original one was nylon.

Do does anyone know about the durability and flexibility or how much stress this part is under?

Thanks again everyone
The majority of stress is on the Catch itself, the Stop acts as a limiter, on how far the catch is allowed to move. Should you ever roll over the Catch with a vehicle while facing up, then you may "stress" the Stop.

Since you seem bound and determined to make your own, just do it! If it fails, then lesson learned!

Most would have already ordered, received, and installed an OEM part by now. All of this over $10, less than a couple of gallons of fuel! This has been bantered about for going on 3 weeks, or since your arrival here!
Okay lol I'm gonna go for it, I'll let you know how it comes out.

I'm determined to do my own because I already have like 20 bucks in mag catch parts that don't work because I took what someone said on the fly without checking.. So is be in it for 30 bucks and still not have the actual mag catch..

I should have spoken to you all first.. I could be bought that kit you posted and been at the same money and been further ahead..

Anyways I appreciate your help

I was also going to print a mag catch untill i can pick a used one up on fleabay or GB, right now the only used ones I found are going for the same 20 dollar price as a new one lol.. And one guy wasn't friendly at all he basically inflates his profit with shipping prices I told him I would've bought the catch from him from his listed price if he'd be willing to send it first class with tracking.. he wanted 9 bucks to ship a mag catch.. lol he also didn't care the price of his used catch was the same as a new one with shipping calculated in. Numrich has them for 19 bucks with 4 bucks shipping.. this guy had his f ir 15 bucks with 9 bucks for shipping.

I figured I'd just throw the extra shenanigans in the post because it was part of this failed escapade.. lol

Thank you though you have been most helpful
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