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Wasn't sure whether to post this in rifles or optics but this seemed to have more involvement so I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong spot!

Long story short, I purchased a Tread and Sierra3BDX (3x-10x) combo for a decent price. This is my first AR and first rifle in general but I felt a red dot was more practical for my application so I grabbed a Romeo 7. I first thought of keeping both and swapping them out if I wanted to go longer range or perhaps stowing it for a future rifle. (I live in the desert and there are lots of places to go longer range). I also thought of selling the scope, grabbing a magnifier and pocketing the difference. If I went the magnifier route, what would you suggest for the Romeo 7? Any thoughts on which route to go (keep scope or get magnifier)? Thanks!

Application: Home defense, range and desert shooting. (prob 200-300 yards Im assuming)
*I saw Treads going for $850ish on GB b/c of the current "climate" but I grabbed mine and scope for $1000 from Brownells. I saw the scope selling for $400-$500 so I felt it was a good deal!
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