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M17 Doesn't cycle

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hello, my name is Fernando, I'm from Brazil.
I just bought a P320 M17 and I'm having some problems, the gun is not cycling properly, it doesn't finish closing the slide it always stops short of closing. Another problem that I actually don't know if it's a problem is that the gun only has 100 shots and has some parts that seem to be wearing down too much. Follow the attached photos. Can someone help me?
Ohh and sorry for my english, I know its not the best one!!
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The wear is the normal locations to get wear. Are you lubricating the gun properly? Some sections need gun grease other parts need oil.

When you got the pistol new, did you clean all the preservative oils off and apply fresh gun oil and grease?
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Did you experience any stoppages during firing, or just hand cycling? I have M17 it has never jammed while firing. If I hand cycle rounds, sometimes it will stop short of “in” battery. When that happens I can usually just touch the rear of the slide to complete the cycle. This issue is from tolerance stacking, and my pistol operates just fine. After a few 100 rounds, the tolerance stacking has almost disappeared.
I would lube it like sig recommends and try a different ammo. After 500 rounds it should shoot anything.
I ditto Scottcc. It just needs more shots to break in.
When releasing the slide while unloaded, do you hold and ease it forward or allow it to slam forward?
1. Have you tried a different ammo?
2. Does problem occur with all magazines?

Boa sorte
The wear is normal. Definitely make sure you slingshot the slide forward
Same thing happened the first time I hand-cycled my P320 X-Carry, no issues during firing. The more I've fired it (both dry and live), the smoother the action has become. Now I have to try to make it stop just out of battery, a nudge with the thumb and it locks up tight.
I dont have issues with hand cycling, the problem is when Im firing and it doesn't seem normal this wear with only 100 shots.
Finish wear is very normal. Some will wipe away, but those are normal wear areas.
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I dont have issues with hand cycling, the problem is when Im firing and it doesn't seem normal this wear with only 100 shots.
So for a 100 rounds I will say the barrel appears to have some ware beyond what I have experienced. Couple things I do before I shoot my new guns, is to clean the shipping protectant off the weapon, use tw25 grease on the barrel, slide, and inside of mag release where it contacts the mag, and m-pro, or clp oil on the fcu. Give it a good cleaning and lube, shoot another 100 rounds. If the gun continues to not return to battery, I would contact Sig Customer Service.

I have a fairly new M18 that I had out at the range this past week. This slide and barrel has 200 rounds through it of mixed 115 gr and 124 gr 9mm FMJ.
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Hard to say from internet pics but I think you're ok.
You have several pics of the area inside the muzzle end of the slide where the barrel rides.
That is normal due to slide/barrel interaction.

And 100 rounds is not enough to start worrying. Some P320's take 200 or more rounds to settle down.
Shoot it.

If it continues to be a problem have another shooter see how it reacts to their grip.

What ammo are you using?
What is the advertised bullet weight and velocity?
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