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Looking for a good folding fishing knife

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I need a new folding knife to take fishing with me. One that holds an edge for a while. Something around 100 bucks. There are so many out there so I am reaching out to all who have bought and used different knives and want some solid advice.

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I have a nice old Filet knife I use. But any nice flexible knife should do.
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I have Kershaw 1258, Rapala, and Gerber folders..
my buddy has a Fast King... sweet!!!
Cutco and Mercer... (kitchen use - non folding),
none very expensive... the Cutco is some serious bucks...
the Cutco is in a class all by its' self..
Kershaw 1258 and Gerber are used the most...
every one one of them is my favorite...
the Victorinox non folding collects dust.....
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Chicago cutlery used to make one, don't know if they still do. It has served me well.
check out the spyderco salt series of knives. They have both H-1 and LC200N steel and a wide variety of geometries to select from.
I’ve used bucks and gerber. But may I suggest a cheapo (as I now use) $25 Walmart special or fixed blade as it’s not too easy to affix a flotation device that don’t interferes with folding function. As me how I know.,.
I now keep it on a leash.😁
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I like these minimal Deejo pocketknives. Ultra lightweight, lots of blade in a slim package.
Design your own My Deejo
I now keep it on a leash.
or a wrist lanyard...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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