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Live Free P365 cut slide. Sights Co-Wit?

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Have a Live Free cut slide for my P365X. Going to install shortly. Also mounting a Holosun 507 Dot sight. Saw a few threads about Co-witness #8 sights.

Two consistent recommendations were the XS F8 sights, and the Trijicon HD and XD Night sights. The built in Holosun Optic rear sight notch is useless to my eyes that are not as great as they use to be.

I'm looking For: a fast pick up at 5ft - 20ft, no longer. Just in case the Optic fails me at that moment, sights that Co- witnesses thru the 507 glass. I already know all the drills about prioritizing the front sight pick up. Been shooting for a very long time and very decent skilled at no sight quick point shoot, placing shots on target. But.... would just feel more confident with the Co-Wit sights also.

Being that there have been more experience now than 1-2 years ago, on these sights. Can those that have, please help me choose sights that would work well, with eyes that are not as good as they use to be please. Any info, experience and suggestions would be appreciate saying on the exact topic. Thanks!
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I use a Suarez .240 blacked out rear and a Dawson red fiber .240 p-series sight on mine.

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