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Legion vs X-Five SuperMatch

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Hello everybody and greetings from Central Europe!
Could you tell me which pistol shoots faster Legion SAO or X-Five SuperMatch, which has a faster trigger?
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Both will shoot quickly. That is a question more related to the shooter than the pistol. The reset on the Legion is pretty quick, but it all depends on how quickly the shooter can operate it.

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Neither pistol can shoot faster than the is entirely up to the shooter as to how fast he/she can shoot. There are many variables that will determine the shooter's ability to shoot fast. Sight radius, perceived recoil due to firearm weight/springs, and trigger pull weight are some of the most heavily weighted variables. The X-Five is gonna win in all of those categories.

That being said, and the only reason I'm chiming in on this post, is because I recently got to handle a 226 Legion SAO with a flat trigger. It probably had the shortest trigger reset and crispest break of any out of the box Sig I've handled. I've never handled another Sig that was better without gunsmithing work. I'm not saying they are all that way, but this one was darn impressive. Will that make it the "fastest trigger" to you? Does it make it the gun you will shoot faster? Only you can answer that.

There is no doubt in my mind that by taking advantage of the adjustable trigger in the Super Match combined with its weight and sight radius it would be the gun I would pick up and will shoot better and faster over an entire range session. But out of the case for the first magazine or two, I might just shoot that Legion faster and better. YMMV.
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