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Legion P226 SAO slide stop issues

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I love my Legion. I've got probably 5000 rounds through it in the 4 months I've had it. I shoot steel match with it and want to start shooting some USPSA matches with it as well as some training but I'm having an issue with the slide stop not holding back on the last round. True enough I know you shouldn't let it run dry but **** happens. I run the safety like I would a 1911 and fire with my thumb on the safety but the position of the slide stop so close to the safety makes it totally useless with my thumb on the safety. Is anyone else having this issue? Is there a way to fix this problem without completely changing my grip and sticking my thumb out to the sky? Is there a different slide stop I can buy to make the "button" further forward? Any thoughts would be great. Thanks!
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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