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I thought a cross draw holster was worth a try. I'm left handed, which makes holsters (and baseball mitts and other things) harder to find.

What I found new was a Tagua CDH3-421, and that was all I could find on the net. I bought it. Surprise, surprise, it has no cant. Without a cant, it's harder to cross draw. In fact, without a cant, the holster could be used on either side, so why is it sold as a cross draw?

Then I found a used Desantis Sky Cop holster on ebay, so I got that one, too. It does have a cant and the draw is perfect! (From their website, it looks as if Desantis doesn't left handed Sky Cops anymore. They don't list Sigs at all for the Sky Cops.)

I'm attaching two images of each of these holsters. Anyone have any other suggestions for scarce-as-hen's-teeth LH cross draw holsters?

I guess I'm looking for more things for the drawer full of holsters!

Thanks in advance,


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for driving, most seat belts, in vehicles i drive, lock in on the right side & could make the draw more difficult.
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