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Kudos: Sig Sauer and NRA Instructor Program

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Though I would pass along some Good News and an Endorsement of sorts:

A minor bit of background: Been doing NRA Pistol Instruction for 5 years or so. The end of April I came across Sig's Promotion for the NRA Instructor Discount on firearms and applied using their online form.

My though was that I had just had rotator cuff surgery and listening to all of you waiting on getting an X-5, I would wear the damn sling/ brace for the 8-10 more weeks required (at least) before I would get my gun.

Little did I know: I filled out the form on Monday, the 24 of April - Monday, the 1st of May Sig called to confirm and for the X-5 was told I would have to wait. They would call back when they had one and we would settle up on the billing at that time. I went ahead and ordered a Romeo1 at the same time.

Six days later on a nice Sunday afternoon, I get a call from Sig saying guess that they have an X-5 and how would I like to pay for it. As soon as they confirm with the FFL it would be on its way.

It arrived at 1420 by Fedex today. Sixteen days from start to finish and a 25% discount to the MSRP. The whole process is handled by the Sig Sauer Pro Shop and Academy not their web site store group.

Didn't get the Romeo1, yet - even God is on a waiting list there.

Great Program - Even Greater People.

Take advantage if you qualify.
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