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K320 AGX and in the process P320 build

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Ordered a Hogue K320 AXG Scorpion on 05/02 and liked it so much ordered the Hogue K320 AXG Pro 05/12 and the order went through but a few days later got an email saying back-ordered but no date given so I called and was told 05/30 earliest possible ship date. It was a want not a need, you know impulse purchase so I asked them to cancel my order. Their like ok and you’ll get a cancellation email and I was like "Cool".......Heck I've got 15 knives or so but get home today and look what’s here in the mailbox.

I’m still trying to put together this P320 build to go with freakin knife……lol
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Some of their knife designs are a little much for me but the quality of the two blades I've got from Hogue is impressive, including the quality of the hand sharpened edge from the factory. .

I'm sure the K320 is no exception. Nice knife.

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