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Hey there, fellow SigMen,

Before I get an aneurysm due to the overwhelming and contradictory amount of information on both regular and Sig 1911's, I figured I'd show up here and ask, thank you dearly in advance for your time and understanding.

First question is simple: Being kind of OCD when it comes down to mechanical engineering, and always wanting mechanisms to perform as predictably as possible, specially when I can't see them working, I replaced the SLGR on my brand new 5" Scorpion for Wilson Combat's FLGR along with a round recoil spring and obviously, plug. This because I want the spring to always run the same path and not to have its sides bouncing against a different slide/barrel point on each shot. Yes, OCD, I know, I'm sorry.

Bought the parts at Brownell's, and the spring came marked as an 18#, and the GR is obviously thicker than the OEM, flat-spring, that came with the Sig.

Considering I do the same to all my 1911's, is this ok for a Sig, given its design differences?

Second question: Wilson Combat's Shock buffers. I always use them if upon installing them and before firing for the first time, they allow the slide to be locked back on an empty mag without having to perform any unnatural effort, reason being, I believe that if I can do that bare handed and without having Arnold's arms, then a 16,000 to 21,000 PSI explosion might as well.
Even then, are they a go, or a no go on a Sig that already had its recoil spring and rod replaced?

Thank you very much for your time and attention, and may you all have a great day!
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