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Just purchased S&B 230 grn 45 acp ammo

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Just bought a batch of this ammo went to my local range shooting a P227 can’t load more than six rounds per mag in a 10 round mag or I get failure to feed!!
Anybody else?????
Shot federal ammo right next to it had absolutely no problems loading all 10 rounds shot great!
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The S&B is the problem. Send them to me and I’ll dispose them properly 😉.
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I haven't bought any S&B in a couple of decades. It used to be a great alternative, as the majority I purchased was .45 Auto, and 5.56/.223 Remington.

If you have the means to check Cartridge Overall Length, that sounds as if that may be a problem, not allowing the cartridges to stack properly. If it's over maximum, I'd contact them, to see if they will make it right!
If it is the ammo it must be something in that lot or something. I have shot thousands and thousands of that round over the last 15 years or so, never had an issue with it. My department used it for years in 45 for training and still does in 9mm.

I'd go with Willards recommendation and spec it out to see what may be off. If you can borrow a chrono if you don't have one, maybe check to see if they are loaded light maybe??? Just a thought.

I'm glad to see we got the ubiquitous brain dead "send it to me" or "those are garbage. I'll give you $10 for it" post out of the way early. Someday those responses will die. It stopped being funny long long ago, assuming it ever was. Sheesh.
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Have not had any issues with their .45 or 9mm ammo, most of what I have and am shooting is about 1 yr old tho.
I find that 45 S&B isn’t easy to feed into my P220 mags, I don’t have any other issues with it. I think the indexing notch is too tight for the S&B rim. No problems with cycling the gun, though. Notch just above the 2
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3 months ago I ran 150 rounds of S&B through my 227 and it ate it all. Even ran the 14 rounders. No issues.
As others have mentioned, length may be the issue. Length specs for 45 ACP:

Max OAL - 32.39mm (1.275")
Min OAL - 30.23mm (1.190")
i have issues with 45 acp and 10mm acp S&B ammo
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