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I rebuilt some of my 8 round 1911 mags with extra-power springs and followers and now they only hold 7. If the mag bodies were ever so slightly longer, or I went back to the original follower they would be 8 rounds again. However, when I rebuilt my 7 round officers (compact) size magazines they still held 7.

The point being the design could be less for any number of reasons. It could be because the follower is longer to prevent tipping, or to prevent the springs from being over compressed. Or it could be because the grip angle is closer to 90 degrees, creating a shorter mag body than the competitors. At the end of the day, that was the capacity that Sig decided met their goals for longevity and reliability.

But at the end of the day, the loss of a round is inconsequential to me. I never do the +1 barny mag thing so all if my guns are always one round lower than specs. So you've got the same number of rounds that I carry, and don't have to worry about a magazine change.

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