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New member looking to acquire Sig P365X and P365XL pistols. My LGS is working on getting them for me. I'm going with the manual safety on them because I want to carry in pocket with the small pistol. If the XLgrip is too big in the pocket, I'll get a P365 grip module. On the P365XL gun, I'll fix it up for IWB carry with a light and a RDS optic. I'm looking at the Trijicon RMRcc option closely and am scoping out how I'll get that done. I have a RM-06 on a big gun and it is amazing how well it improves my shooting!

I've done a lot of research and many times I came to this site to get some good information. I hope to make use of the site and not be a lurker!,too

I'm in the piney woods in North Louisiana. US Navy veretan served from1980-1986.
rating was MM1/E-6 (nuclear/ELT) on the USS Nimitz, CVN-68. Back then the issue sidearm was a M1911A1.That pretty much dates me!

As part of my first post, I'll attempt ti input a generic photo. Here goes...
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1 - 1 of 19 Posts