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Hi, all.

Does anyone know if there’s such a thing as a non-reciprocating charging handle conversion kit of the IWI Galil ACE? It’s bad enough that IWI moved the charging handle to the left side of the receiver (I *get* why they did it… but I don’t like it), but then they go and leave it as a reciprocating charging handle. So, they keep the reciprocating handle like the original, but move it to the left side of the receiver. Gah!

I love my Galil ACE, but I despise and loathe the reciprocating charging handle on the left side of the right-handed gun.. Good grief… FALs, HKs, and ARs seem to work just fine with non-reciprocating charging handles. Not sure why the IWI designers wanted to leave that part as-is after moving it to the left side of the receiver.


~ Greg ~
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