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I replaced the trigger with the gg curved trigger, replaced all items in the parts kit that came with it. Everything was 100% apart and everything is now reinstalled. With the trigger over travel stop pin fully inserted, the FCU doesn't function like it should. However if I slightly back out the pin, things seem to work correctly. I have not reinstalled the FCU back into the body and reassembled completely to test. Wondering what is the hold up with that pin causing an issue.

Sadly, I spent a long day away today and I am about done investing anymore time to this today, but maybe someone has an idea on what might be the fix for correcting this issue.


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In several times of exchanging triggers, I have noted that after the new trigger is installed, it is locked up and won't pull freely. (with the FCU still out of the grip module) Then I noticed that if if I push up on the slide lock lever it releases the mechanism and allows the trigger to pull freely.
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