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Is this little blemish normal for a brand new Legion?

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The gun has not been fired yet.

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That looks like a handling mark to me, probably after it left the factory. Someone at the LGS probably banged it on the counter or something.

I have a LGS that hangs all of their pistols on a peg board with metal hooks by the trigger guards during the day and takes them down every night to put in the vault. Their new guns look like used ones after a few weeks of that just from getting banged up.

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Congrats on the new Sig. All I can add to this topic is that I wouldn't let that concern be the determining factor. I would be more concerned in how it performs for you. Cosmetic issues are not or should not be your primary focus as things are going to wear with use, so now you don't have to worry anymore about getting that first tiny blemish on your new Sig.
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