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Is there such a thing as the Gun A Month Club

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I guess you could apply this to almost anything that you have an interest in provided you can fund it without going into debt to do so.

I really don't see myself being that blessed as to afford what I seen as a youth adult. I was working at an HVAC/R company and I had a service stop at a customer. His entire basement was a shrine to all the different firearms he had, I remember drooling at his collection of High Standard pistols, at the time I was into them.

But his handgun collection was larger then most gun shops and nothing was kept in a safe. As for me, I told him where I was a member and that I shot mostly trap and skeet at the time, but my father had a few high standards. Funny, how those who have a little knowledge can spark up a conversation with someone you just met and get to know about them and their interest and forget the entire reason for your visit.

I remember him kidding with me about belonging to the gun of the month club and I wondered about it but never gave much further thought to it all those years ago.

Anyone here hear of such a club?
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Another reason why I don't live in New Jersey, fun to visit the beech in the summer and go deep sea fishing, but not a gun friendly state. Not only for that reason, but it's a big part of it.
I had to do a few systems there, well I didn't HAVE to but the money was good, so I have been there a few times. There was some pretty country between the G.W. bridge and where I was. The limo driver told me it was a burial ground for New York Mafia guys, but who knows.
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