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Is P229 Legion Same Shape as P229R?

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Looking to get an IWB and am pretty sure the P229R has the same profile/shape as the Legion.

But want to make sure before I go through with that.

While on the topic I love Crossbreed and will probably get another but any other favorites?

Edit: Looks like Crossbreed has a designation of :Sig 229 w/ Rail (full cocking serrations). Does the Legion have full cocking serrations what ever they may be?


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yes, look at the website.

I see the models I want from Crossbreed Seconds but these are non-returnable so want to make 100% sure.

BTW I bought one Crossbreed Seconds and it was like brand new and ~$40 cheaper than brand new. You can get more used one for even less.

Plus they are in stock and ship right away!

Quickest, cheapest way to get a high quality IWB holster!

I have no affiliation with Crossbreed.

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Yes...outside profile IDENTICAL.

Called on this...both Sig and Crossbreed...they confirmed.

I have the SAME IWB...along with a P229R Nitron and P229 Legion...both fit identically into the holster.

There are some internal differences I've noticed when cleaning...however...not sure if those slight differences are because my Nitron is 2 years older then my Legion (January 2017) and they have made changes across the whole P229 line. None of these effect the outside profile.

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Yes, all the same shape. This includes all models: Elites, Dark, Equinox, Legion, Stainless, etc. The only one that's slightly different is the Combat because it has a different rail.
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