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The question was:
Is anyone trying to produce a machined P320 FCU?
Not shooting at 50 yards, 1911's Olympic Targets etc etc etc. LOL

I think that it would be hard for a independent to compete with Sig for manufacturing a P320 FCU.
Be more profit in manufacturing the items that surround the FCU.

When I converted my FCU to a Manual Safety I picked up a FCU MS Frame for $25.00
Today a FCU Frame is $100.00 or more ...If you can find one.

Once The Custom Works Standalone FCU was announced AB Prototype, MGW and other sites quit listing FCU Frames.
Probably thinking that no one was going to build a FCU when you can just buy a CW FCU.
sigsauerparts lists FCU Frames though they are never "In Stock" and are $100.00
And forget ever seeing a MS FCU Frame!

Even if a Manufacturer would gear up to make a FCU Frame they still have to get a "Small Parts Kit" to assemble it.
Unless they are also going to manufacture every part in the FCU so they do not rely on Sig.

No...I think it's a lot easier to just leave the FCU's to Sig.
With Sig's CW FCU they in essence killed any 3rd party thoughts of doing it.
Very Very Smart on Sig's part!
Let's face it there aren't dummies working at Sig!
You could say that they have their Sig together..LOL
Get it Sig Together..I knock myself out!

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The market drives the availability - which drives prices higher or lower due to Demand. People shoot better with a gun that fits them the best. That's why people spend hundreds of dollars on prosthetic grips on their ISU/Olympic pistolas, which are designed from the ground up for such massaging by the End User. Not so general-purpose defensive sidearms that are mass-produced for "everyman", with limited paparmeters for fitment. SIG's LEG-O approach is an attempt to address this, and it has fueled an aftermarket industry that will one day overtake Glock. I do not consider the wide-body 1911s such as the STI to be in the same class as the P320, Walther PPQ, PDP, or Glock etc. In fact, the P320 is in a class by itself. As I have said earlier, it will be intersting to see what the various military services' Marksmanship Unit armorers come up with to make the M17 shoot as well as the match-grade M9 Berettas and the 1911 platform - including the trigger action. Presently, one can attain some notable improvement of the trigger with $300-$400, spent on, say, a Custom Shop FCU, but the result for the dollars expended pales in comparison to a $250-$300 trigger job on a 1911 platform. Does that make the P320 (or any plastik pistole) a bad gun? No, but try to remember we are living in a time where mediocrity is lauded and rewarded - indeed, more fiercely defended - than true excellence.
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