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installed a 357 barrel in my P320c

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I posted this in another forum earlier today.

A couple weeks ago I traded a 9mm P320c that I'd had some issues with for a P320c in 40 S&W. Then I promptly ordered a 357 barrel from Sig. That arrived yesterday, so I took it out this morning to run some ammo through it. I chrono'd 4 different loads. Here's the the 10 shot averages:

Gold Dot 54234 - avg 1278 (a little disappointed with this one)

Federal HST - avg 1321

Remington Golden Saber bonded - avg 1330

Speer Lawman - avg 1246

The HST and Golden Saber velocities were what I expected from 357 Sig in a compact barrel. I've got other boxes of Gold Dot with different lot numbers. I'll test those and see how they compare. The gun performed flawlessly, and was very accurate with 357. Recoil was about as heavy as 180gr 40 S&W, but less than 165gr Lawman.
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duke, where did you get your 357sig barrel? I am wanting to do the same.
For mine, I got my .357 SIG compact barrel from Sig directly about 1 month ago. I called them twice before ordering to make sure and they confirmed that the .357 SIG compact barrel is compatible with both the P250 and P320 (was not listed on website if you search P320 compact barrels). I've shot approximately 300 rounds of Speer Lawman 125 gr range ammo and it's been flawless ( this barrel actually is showing zero wear so far. Love the round in my VP40 and now in my P320C!

Now I just need a P229! :D

By the way, the Speer Lawman .357 SIG 125 gr FMJ ammo for range use is a no-brainer IMO at 0.29 / round !!! (

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Not a fan of the 357sig when I can load or buy 135gr ammo that can exceed 1400fps or a 150 or 155gr bullet at or over 1300fps from a p320c . So guys , It might be a good time to think about some basic reloading equipment .
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