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I found this on the Illinois Rifle Assoc page Urgent Alert - SB1657 Moves To The House - Illinois State Rifle Association

Urgent Alert - SB1657 Moves To The House


Many of you know that SB1657 - a bill to curtail retail firearm sales - passed the Illinois Senate last week and now moves on to the Illinois House for concurrence. If SB1657 is passed into law, here is what will happen:

1. Hundreds of shooting sports entrepreneurs will be forced out of business. Among them will be gun shops, ranges, and gunsmiths. As a result, you may have to drive hundreds of miles to exercise your ever-dwindling right to keep and bear arms.

2. Increased dealer overhead costs linked to the cost of compliance with the bill will raise the retail price of new guns by up to $300 or more. Essentially, this bill places a tax on your constitutional rights.

3. It will be illegal for you to sell your gun collection without first spending many of thousands of dollars for a state license.

4. Anyone who purchases a firearm will be subjected to warrantless electronic surveillance by the authorities. Additionally, personal information of all gun buyers will be gathered and electronically indexed by state agencies.


The primary sponsor of SB1657 is Senator Don Harmon. Harmon is a left-wing radical anti-constitutionalist whose district is in Oak Park. Although Harmon is based in Illinois, he takes his instructions - and quite a bit of money - from former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg has assigned Harmon with the task of dismantling private firearm ownership in Illinois. The Bloomberg/Harmon team will succeed in stripping you of your rights if you do not stand up this week and take action.


1. Contact your State Representative at his/her DISTRICT office. It is important that you telephone the district office because the House is in recess this week. Politely tell the person who answers the phone that you are a law-abiding firearm owner and that you are opposed to SB1657 and that you hope the representative will vote "NO" on the bill when it comes to the floor. If you do not know who your state representative is, please conduct a search by clicking this link: Illinois State Board of Elections District Lookup

2. If you're able to visit your state rep's local district office, then do so and deliver that same message.

3. Pass this alert on to your friends and family and ask them to contact their representatives as well.

4. Please post this alert to any and all Internet blogs, bulletin boards or social media sites to which you may belong.

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Yes this is very bad news. The crux of it is that the bill would create a five panel licensing board that would be filled with gun hating democrats to issue or not issue mandatory state licenses for FFLs and gun stores other than big box stores being exempted to keep them from suing or using resources to fight the legislation. They would have crazy powers including mandating standards for employees and operating procedures, such as video/audio taping every transfer, of the gun stores and "emergency powers" to shut down gun stores at will for whatever reasons they deem or seizing their records.

How convenient for Chicago as the mayor does not want any gun stores in the city even though the courts have told him that he has no choice. The licensing board has the power to say where gun stores can exist and deny licenses for existing gun stores and FFLs. Chicago politicians have been trying for decades to force gun stores near the city to close and now they will have the power via this licensing board. Yet none of this will do anything to deter violent crime in Chicago or Crook County where criminal prosecution rate is shockingly low and they embrace the "hug a thug" mentality and sanctuary city ultra leniency.

If this becomes law in Illinois expect it to rapidly spread to the other blue and purple states.
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