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Actual SIG-made conversion kit for my P938. Came with the slide/barrel/recoil spring, 2 10-round magazines, and it's own plastic case. Finding one of these is rare, but rarer still is that I actually worked with the seller on Wall Street several decades ago. He bought this from SIG back when they were still making them but never used it. It sat in his closet for all this time, and right when I'm hunting for one he decides to clean out the closet and sell off some old kit. Freakish coincidences.

My first thought when I opened the case was, "Oh **** - wrong item." the slide is longer Thant he standard P938 9mm slide and the pistol looks more 1911-ish as a .22 than as a 9mm. This weekend I'm going to put it through it's paces and I'll swap out to 9mm while I'm there.
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I cannot believe my good fortune finding such an enigma!
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