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So I have a few 45 and 9mm grip modules. I know there's a few guys running their 45 FCU in 9mm kits. How do you keep it organized or separated so you know which grip modules are for what caliber?
There aren't any markings that I was aware of on the inside of grip modules to let you know that the grip module is for a 45 or 9. I keep a mag in the module to quickly let me know what caliber it's for. I actually have 2 pistol bags now, 1 for 45 and 1 for 9, but I can see this getting out of hand once the "small" size modules come in stock or when the x-series comes out (assuming I'm able to use my current FCU in x-series kits if they every come out).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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