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For what it is worth, I may have gone a bit overboard on holsters of late. I find that I am now in possession of no less than five holsters for my EDC P320.

Soooo, I figured, why not write up some impressions on these various holsters as we seem to always get questions on them.

Left to right in this picture are;

Older style Clinger (lets call it Clinger X), Clinger Singray, Foxx, GHB, Sig-Desantis, Crossbreed Supertuck.

I really like these Kydex holsters. They are easy to slip on and easy to slip off. The first on (Clinger X) I scored this week for $20 and has an offset clip. This will be my go to Appendix holster. The Stingray is the holster I typically have my EDC in. Mainly because it is so easy to get these Kydex holsters on and off. The down side is they will slip around a bit and you find that you have to adjust the gun more often.

As with most, I have to let my belt out one hole to use these holsters. They are high on my list if you have to remove your gun multiple times per day.

Clinger X -

Stingray -

Both of these holster sit relatively straight and do not impede access to my pockets.

I hope I got that right, maybe Bufford can clear this up. I nabbed this one in trade. It is a Kydex outer with a leather back. I like this holster quite a lot. it works well, does not slip around and is pretty comfortable for all day wear. Extremely well made. The GHB is stationary with a very slight cant.

This holster is very similar to the GHB, but slightly smaller. I got it to fit my P320 .45 when I had trouble getting it in my Clinger. Nice holster but I probably prefer the GHB a bit more. However, it does have a bit more cant to it and sits, as you can see lower and the belt clip can be canted either way, which was a huge selling point for me over the GHB.

Both the GHB and the Foxx get into my back pocket a bit making me have to fish for my wallet.

Sig has these on sale right now for $25! Go get one regardless of whether or not you need it.

I did not expect to like this holster that much because I tend to prefer IWB. However, I actually like how this one rides up higher and it is extremely comfortable. I am not a huge fan of the thumb release, but will give it time.

The two position (straight or cant) makes this a very versatile holster. It is out of the way and I only have to consider that it might be slightly visible when reaching for my wallet.

Something kinda reassuring about the leather creak as well. I have been amazed at the comfort of this holster. I could see it becoming an all day wear go to.

You do have to work at getting this one on and in the right spot. But once there you forget you have it on.

Crossbreed Supertuck
This has been my go to all day EDC holster for quite a while. It is comfortable and distributes the weight of any pistol very well. As you can see it puts the butt of the gun up really close to your body and even with a tucked in shirt simply does not print.

The only thing I don't like about this holster is that it puts the barrel of the gun in my back pocket making getting my billfold in and out a bear.

Also, until you get used to it, you will tend to fumble around getting it on and in the right position.

I got this off of the seconds page of Crossbreed's site for $40.

Except for the Desantis, each of these requires typically 1 belt hole extra. 2 will tend to make the gun sag and you will end up cinching it up more often. Suck it up, deal with your belt being a bit tight and keep it at 1 belt loop....or lose 20 pounds.

If you have any questions let me know. Each of these holsters has a purpose and each its pro's and con's. I am finding that with just a little patience and searching you can get just about any holster you like for less than $50. That has been my experience and my average.

Hope this was helpful.

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I can relate, ever since I started making my own leather holsters, I have more than five per gun (IWB, OWB, AIWB, pocket, yadda yadda yadda)

Easy review: having done them as I want and according to my personal experience, my holsters are the more comfortable and functional which I have ever had in in almost 35 years. :cool::cool::p:p:p
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