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Holster P226 TacOps/Surefire X400?

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Got a P226 TacOps 9mm with Surefire X400, so a big rig. Looking for a holster that would work for CCW, as well as on the range/field. After a quick search, found First Spear SSV Pistol Holster, Weapon Light (see link below):
FirstSpear, LLC :: Holsters and Molded Products :: Belt Holsters :: SSV Pistol Holster, Weapon Light

Anyone using it? Comments good or bad?

Or is there better suited holsters out there? Also contacted Raven Concealment and Safariland, waiting for answer. If you know of other good choice, would appreciate input. Lets keep it Made in USA, Vet owned even better.

Thank you!
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Well, not too many answers, too is a bit of a follow up.

So far, got an answer from Raven and Blackhawk, they do not make a kydex holster for that combo.
Not heard back from Safariland.
Did a bit more searching today
Sent email today to Bravo Concealment, fast answer. They do not have one at this moment but most likely will, sometimes this year.
In addition to First Spear, looks like Blade Tech, High Threat Concealment, Black Point and TR holsters do make holsters for that combo. Other companies such as Tactical Tailor have great gear but not looking for any drop down, as I like the conceal carry option.
At least there are options; still would like to hear from guys with 1st hand experience, always better.

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Try emailing Raven Concealment. I emailed them last week about having a custom holster made for a 226/ with surefire XC1, but the lady said unfortunately they only offered three light options for their phantom light bearing holsters. Those would be the X300U, TRL-1, and X400U.

Hate to say it but you may end up having to switch lights if you really want to carry it and cant find the right holster with your preferred company. I carry a light on all my pistols so I feel your pain. I've carried a P220 w/x300 from Raven Concealment for years with great results. Yeah its sorta big but a pair of wide strap suspenders from Perry's does wonders for the back. I've also got a TRL-3 (I think, small one) that I also carry on my 229, from Raven Concealment and its nice as well. I had surefire XC1 that I carried on a Glock 23 for a few years to, also from RC.

As a side note, the last time I ordered from Raven Concealment you could custom order diretly from their website, but when I was on their site last week the custom order link was dead. After emailing, the customer service rep she said that apparently you now have to order custom holsters from one of their dealers. It must be a fairly new thing. Looks like you have to find a dealer in your area, so thats definitely more of a hassle than it use to be, but I have about five of their holsters and they have been fantastic.

Blackpoint tactical is also offering light combos, but I havent had any personal experience with them. They look nice but from what I've seen they dont offer any retention, and they look like they ride higher than the Ravens I've had, without as many options to adjust the depth the gun sits. Again, I dont know this for a fact but they never returned my email, so its hard to say. Im personally interested in checking them out so I may have to bite the bullet and order one anyway. Best of luck with the hunt!!!
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