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Holster for MK25

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I'm looking for a holster for my MK25 that doesn't require a belt (if it has a belt option, that's fine). OWB. I'm basically looking for a holster that can be moved around the house, back and forth to the car, but can also act as an OWB holster at the range for a short time (doesn't have to be an all day solution). I'm open to leather, plastic, etc.
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Any P226 w/rail holster will work. Most of them will be designed for use with a belt.
Galco IWB on Amazon for $37.
Galco IWB on Amazon for $37.
thanks for the response. do you know of a similar OWB option?
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Garrett Holsters makes a clip-on holster. Their holsters are leather lined, which is very nice for the gun finish.
Wright Leather Works has some paddle options for the Mk25. They hand make outstanding leather holsters.
I own more than a few…
I've got this G-Code holster for my P226 Combat that has a true Picatinny rail as well, and advertised for the Mk25 in their "fit" category... OSH holster: Edge Works ( While this has a paddle attachment, different attachment options are available.

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I've had mine in a SafariLand 567BL ( discontinued now ) for almost 6 years now. Love this thing!
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Get a Safariland or compatible holster and use their QLS forks to be able to put it wherever you want without having to take it out of the holster.

Here's a video on how the QLS works!
i prefer active retention, and like the safariland als paddle options
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