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Hi from Arizona

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Look forward to learning and sharing in the forum.

I own a few Sigs so holpeully I can be in the group :)
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Welcome to our forum.
Full size "SIG Sauers", "CZ" sport pistols, and classic collectible "USGI 1911s" have always been among my favourite guns, I have owned at least half a dozen SIG Sauers, great guns especially older German-proofed ones, the P226 to me is by far the most reliable pistol that I have owned in over 38 years of shooting handguns, and I've seen enough makes and models, in all service calibers, to know what to trust and what not to.
In the past I've been an avid gun-hoarder; jokes apart I mainly collected Lugers, Mausers C96, 1911s and Colt Pythons.
Not long ago I realized that a huge pile of pistols wasn't making my life any better, so recently I thinned my collection, but since the COLT 1911 has always been in my heart I still own a bunch of them.
I never stop learning with enthusiasm.
After over 38 years of guns-ownership I still enjoy shooting my own reloadings at IDPA ranges at least twice a week.
JMO this is one of the best gun forums among the several I belong to, to me it's quite a learning experience. hope you'll enjoy your time here.

Safe shooting.

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Here's another welcome from Texas.

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Welcome from Florida's Treasure Coast.
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