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Help Identifying what these Mags Go To.

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Hi I have a dumb question about magazines could you possibly fill me in on these magazines and what they go to
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The one on the right is a factory mag probably during the mag ban era. The one on the left is a funky aftermarket.
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There should be the gun model (P229) and the calibers (.40/.357) marked on the other side of the German mag. OP, got the view of the other side?

Pic from TGS:

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Hi I have a dumb question about magazines could you possibly fill me in on these magazines and what they go to View attachment 462267 View attachment 462268 View attachment 462267
10 Round P229 .357 Sig/.40 S&W Magazine made by Sauer & Sohn... between 9/19/94 and 9/19/04, and verified by... photo in post #2 of the dovetailed spine of the Magazine.
This is a timely thread topic, as I've recently acquired several Sig and possible Sig magazines recently that I wanted to inquire about but hadn't gotten around to yet.

Two of them I am fairly certain are the same as the OP's in that they're 10 round magazines labeled as Made in Germany on one side and SigSauer .40/357 on the other with the dovetail spine. The date code on the bottom of the baseplate reads 1/95 and 6/95. There's no other markings indicating what model they were for.

I had guessed that they were for a p229 and seem to fit in mine. Given that they, and 11 other magazines sold for $2 each on an estate sale, I figured it was worth taking the shot.

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In addition to the above, I also picked up the following magazines the same day and was wondering if there was any information on them. The two on the left as shown were labeled on the packaging as 9mm 226 magazines and the two on the right appear to be the same, albeit with different baseplates, but none have any markings on the magazines themselves, nor have I been able to find any information on that company.

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Lastly, I also acquired these .40 10rnd Magazines. The only markings on them are along the edge of the spine and reads "P8 Cal .40 - Made in USA". They look like P226 magazines and do seem to fit in a 226 but none of these have been function tested.

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Any information is appreciated.
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The top ones are definitely P229 ban-era .40/.357 10-rd mags (as indicated by the date clock). I'm guessing the middle-right pics are P228 and/or P229/9 mags. They look slightly shorter than the P226 mags on the left side, and have a more P229 looking baseplate. Notice how they don't have the "step" on the side like the OP's .40/.357 mags do. The P226, P228 and older P229/9 have a narrower magwell than the .40/.357 P229 and 9mm P229-1.

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The top pair,, as you have already identified,, are Sig P229 ban era factory 10 round Magazines.

The blued steel "USA brand" Magazines were the '90s equivalent of Pro Mags, and are for P226 and likely P228 in 9mm respectfully.

The pair at the bottom, are likely "PB" .40, for a Beretta 96, as they have similar floorplate design to the Beretta. They too, are aftermarket looking magazines, and probably USA brand as well.
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Thanks for the information, much appreciated.
Use the USA-brand magazines for range/practice. They will either work - or not and give you plenty of practice of malfunction drills.
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