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it’s been a rough year, my wife is suffering from terminal health issues, just put my dad in assisted-living, AND I’m getting ready to have ANOTHER surgery (lucky #13!)...AND I just turned 50!...I’m literally having a midlife crisis that I didn’t plan for and have no control over...Really puts things in perspective…Like unopened, unfired firearms sitting in your safe that you just had to have so you bought them and now realize you never shot them and need to downsize...all prices include shipping from Leawood FFL to YOURS...if you are in KC on the Kansas side then face to face meeting and sale is fine...

1. Springfield Hellcat OSP w/SHIELD SMSC red dot...11&13 rd. mags -$800

2. Cz Scorpion w/SB Tactical folding brace...2/20 rd. factory& 2/35 rd. Magpul Mags - $1150

3. FN 509 Tactical w/Vortex Venom red dot 17&24 rd. mags - $1050

All 3 are brand new + unfired and purchased in the last 6 months...
Shipped only to the continental US...shipping for me is $50 per firearm
Will not ship to states where it is illegal to do so...
USPS money order or Cashiers Check...I do not accept ANY cash app virtual crypto payment stuff, sorry!
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