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Hard to find P365X/XL 12 round flush mags

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new member- my first sig purchase P365X
First shooting at Range yesterday and love this little beauty- as much as my Glock 43, but much better capacity for carrying

Want to get a couple of additional 12 round flush mags but can't seem to find anyone having them in stock, including Sig site.
As info- my bedside is Glock 19 with laser and strobe light

Any help appreciated-
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I've ordered mags from OCG several times over the last 18 months. Solid company to do business with. I've found their mags are among the lowest cost around.

Showing in stock as of right this second.
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Just looked at Sig- they show them as in stock- $50
Osage County Guns also has them $38.....there may be more.
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The 12 round magazines should come with both baseplates. As should the 15s.

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I think I've seen them for less at


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All of them come with plush base and ext-base
Sig P365 Magazines
Greeting from Georgia.
Thanks to all

I did not know that 12 round came with both the extension plate for 365 and flush plate for 365X and XL.

I'll check out the suggested sites
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Check with Academy Sports if you have one close by.

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Welcome from south Mississippi
Welcome from south Mississippi
Yeah- welcome from another Misipi boy.....except I'm from the north delta up around Clarksdale- now residing in Mobile.
Welcome from Georgia.
Welcome from Las Vegas, NV
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