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Great Range Day

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Went to the range today with my brother in law and father in law. Mostly shooting pistols. I took my 226 Legion .40 and my 220 10mm Match Elite. My brother in law took his M&P 9mm and we had a SCCY that has never been fired that my father in law shot (obviously not as accurate as the others) I shot my 226 b/c the $$ was less. (I did blow off a couple of boxes of 10 mm between the action) We lined up bowling pins from 15 feet and played a modified "Annie Oakley" (normally a trap game) where we started from left to right and all aimed at the target pin, then proceeded to try to mow them all down. The person to left shot first and then if he missed a pin in the line, the second person fired at the missed pin, then the 3rd. A point was awarded to the person who missed if the next guy hit it and to the 2nd guy if he missed and the third guy hit, then we alternated taking the first shot. When played with clays, the obvious goal is to shoot the clay before it hits the ground but with bowling pins that goal disappeared. That said we all fired as if there was urgency and the action was pretty fast. Safety was (obviously) the first priority. A GREAT time was had by all. Many hundred rounds fired (only 2 jams, both in the SCCY--which we wrote up to it being brand new). Too bad people that don't shoot and are anti gun do not know HOW fun a day like that can be!
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Sounds like an awesome day! I wish I could shoot anything other than paper at my club. It's all good though. Got my MRO sighted in on my DDM4 V7 today. It was gorgeous out.
we were out on some private family land that I own. Bought the bowlng pins on Craigslist. We (of course) followed full range safety rules. We all frequently shoot at public and private ranges but we set up our own little range on my land with a clay "area" a pistol area and a short rifle area. Allows us to have a small degree of freedom (like today's game) that we cannot enjoy at a busy public range. Also fun with the kids. Last winter we took my nephew from Minnesota who has been raised in a very liberal anti gun household. He just qualified for his high school trap team. Fun for the kids to be able to learn really hands on with their grandfather coaching them in a relaxed environment.
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