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Getting 20rds to fit your magazine. Every time the right way.

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Hold the magazine at a slight angle with the front of mag tilted
back. The first bullet should be pointing upward with this tilt.
Load one bullet at a time by hand only pushing down the mag
tension button. When you get to 18rds; THEN use the mag loader.
Set the mag on a flat hard surface. Push the mag loader all the way
down and hold. Using your other hand; Take the next bullet and push
down on the bullet that's in the mag and push it back. Do the same
with the 20th round.

I have five mags for my 322 now. ALL of them get 20rds loaded every time
using my method. No failure to feeds or misaligned bullets. Just
one misfire from a dud Winchester 36gr HP.

Hope this helps everyone out there that is having issues getting
20rds loaded. I love my P322. Been waiting since it was released
to get one.....:cheers:
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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