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Geissele SSA-E hammer spring came backwards I think

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I completed the SSA-E install in my 516 but I had to remove the hammer spring and flip it over (180 degrees) for it to fit properly in the lower. Seems odd that it would come from the factory installed backwards, no?

The attached pic shows the spring in both positions on the hammer. As annotated in the pic, the top (#1) is how it came and the bottom (#2) is after I flipped it and installed it. It can't possibly be installed and function in the #1 pic so I'm just wondering if anyone else experience this? Seems odd that they would ship it like this.


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Mine didn't come together see diagrams here looks upside down
Comparing that pic to mine, it looks to me as though the one I labeled, "2. flipped spring over" matches the one in the link you sent. As well, I found a youtube video of the install and took a screenshot (attached to this post). It too seems to match the the one I labeled, "2. flipped spring over."

Link to video:


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