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Fun shooting

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Was helping my friend practice for his personal protection officer certification this weekend. After we ran through the series twice, and since we were at an outdoor 100 yard range, we decided to move back.

The last distance on the testing was 25 yards. We went back to 50 yards and shot about 30 rounds. It felt really far. Then for grins, we moved back to 75 yards. We both hit about 25%. I was shooting my SP2022. I didn't bother trying with my P938 at that range.

We moved back to 50 yards and I was able to hit 50% with the 938. Moving back in to 25 yards felt like I was on top of the target. Whereas previously 25 yards felt quite far.

Anyhow, it was a good exercise shooting from that far and gaining perspective. I sure wasn't as accurate as the guys on TV nor as accurate as I was in my head as a kid playing cops and robbers.
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I love mixing things up at the range.

I had a 12" square steel target set up for rifles at 250 yards. Just goofing around, I decided to take some shots at it with a 1911. The first magazine got me one hit on the target while I figured out the hold over. The second magazine I got two shots on the target. I was pretty happy with that percentage because I was holding over about twelve or fourteen feet at that distance and totally couldn't see the target when I fired the shots.

We took some 400 yard shots with twelve gauge slugs one day. That was a hoot. It was almost like shooting a mortar we had to aim so high. Take a shot, look for the splash of dirt, adjust the angle, take another shot, look for the splash of dirt, adjust the angle, take another shot.
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