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Freedom Munitions 357SIG

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Freedom Munitions has 357SIG for cheaper than they have listed on their "Weekly Deals" page at the moment if you click on the link for the ammo. Shows about 30c per round, even for just a pack of 50! This is just for basic range ammo, nothing fancy, but still comes out cheaper than Canned Heat from Georgia Arms or boxes from Highland Lakes!
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I have heard good things about Freedom Munitions...and obviously the .357SIG round, the preferred ammo for most Federal Air Marshals, as the round easily goes through a seat and table tray, or two (in the upright and licked positions), and still can penetrate enough to take-down a bag-guy on and airplane! (This is coming from an Air Marshal I'm acquainted with, who trusted nothing but the .357SIG while on assignment. He is now an instructor of FAMs in the South East, and HIGHLY recommends the round to all his trainees.)
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