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Found a like new, possibly new older p228 for 500....

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Hoping to get it tomorrow. Took it down, triple serialed. No real barrel wear at all...gun tigjt. Did not see date proof. No box or papers. Am hoping to get it for 450. Will post pics when I get back.

Already have my ccw israeli import p228. If not for the inport mark it would have been brand new.

Fingers crossed!
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Well good and bad luck.

They sold the one above.....

.....but had one more. No box or papers. B 334 serial on frame only. Has newer take down lever. Very tight. Basically no wear on it, very slight smilies on barrel. Dead night sites. No frame rail wear that I can see through old grease on it.

Had to get it. Happy. Paid 530 otd.

Will try to post pics later. Driving home now.

No more though available.
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