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well i have decided i am going to buy some new matching leather goods
so these are all of my loved ones...
fought so hard to get them and hope someone will love them like i do
they are all used and all in good condition
all are Black in color
i can sell them all together for a discounted price of 230 USD shipped Conus
or they are listed individually and priced
email me with any questions and concerns
No Reasonable Offers Refused
prices are all SHIPPED CONUS too
i accept Paypal as long as YOU pay the fees
here is what we have
stay safe out there
God Bless,John

1.... Milt Sparks VM2 in Black with 1.5" belt loops
i got this here from a friend and i this holster and would not be selling
i have been using this on my early non railed P229
but have decided to upgrade to the Criterion and will be ordering on next week
it has a few very small marks on it and has been carried very little by me but shows honest wear and tear too
one of the best made holsters out there
these are a 14 to 20 week wait time once ordered from Milt Sparks i am told
these are 155 usd brand new plus shipping and tax

mine is 130 USD Shipped Conus Priority Mail FULLY INSURED
here are some pics

2... Mitch Rosen ARG M Sig P229 Leather Magazine Holster
1.5 Belt Loop and extra 1.25" loops included
i have had this since i bought my P229 and this is like new
i changed out the 1.25" loop out for a 1.5" one.....
here is the info from Mitch Rosen
American Rear Guard Mag Carrier
THE ARGM™ is a companion magazine carrier for our ARG holster. It is, of course, worn inside the waistband and is extremely concealable.
AVAILABLE: Not available for any Glock magazines.
COLORS: Black, dark brown, mahogany, light brown and natural
New PRICE: $95.00 in best quality cowhide

here is my price
price is 70.00 USD shipped Conus Priority Mail Insured
here are pics of mine

3... Beltman Leather Belt size 39 Belt in Black with Velcro on back of belt
it has Nickel Buckle and hardware color
belt length is 44" from leather to leather
holes are from 35" to 40"
this is the best belt i have ever owned
i got this second hand and got the wrong size
i am ordering the exact belt from them in the right size
these are extremely well made and very sturdy and you get no flex with a gun on it
my P229 and will it loaded and even with the mag holster shown above installed i get no sag
here is info from Beltman

Our inch-and-a-half wide gunbelts are a great look for jeans and Dockers or any casual slacks. 1.5" is also the preferred width for carrying firearms. These belts are very sturdy (dual-layer bull hide) and will support the weight of just about anything you care to hang on them.
All belts come with 7 holes on 3/4" centers for maximum adjustability.
Don't order your pants-waist size! Please carefully follow our SIZING GUIDE before ordering your belt.
These belts are custom made, and custom belt orders placed today will ship in approximately 2 weeks.
new ones like mine are 89.95 plus tax and shipping

mine here is 55 USD SHIPPED CONUS
here are the pics
there is some honest wear and tear and it is hard to see in pics
i got this second hand and have used this very little


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well hello and thank you for the kind words
i absolutely love this setup
just getting one that fits my waist and one that sits just a little lower
It is a Nickel buckle
and so is the two fasteners too
if you need brass
or prefer it let me know too
God Bless,John
apologize for not adding this to the listing as it is added now

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Weekend bump
Stay safe out there
God Bless,John

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Monday Bump
lowered prices
package of 230 USD everything
Milt Sparks 130 USD shipped
Mitch Rosen 70 USD Shipped
Beltman 55 USD Shipped
stay safe out there
God Bless,John
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