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Folding Adapter Knuckle

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Perhaps this is a dumb question, but I will ask anyway: If I bought one of the folding adapter knuckles to attach to my Gen2 MCX, and swapped out my existing factory stock with the new knuckle, could I use any regular AR stock on the MCX? I would also need to buy a “fake” buffer tube to attach the AR stock to the knuckle, correct? Good/bad idea? Anyone done this and who could post a picture?

The genesis of the question is that I’m tired of having to pay for the proprietary Sig parts when it seems that a less-expensive, more-flexible alternative (e.g. Magpul) is available by purchasing the adapter knuckle.
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Kak makes a straight adapter for the MPX if you want to dump the folding knuckle. If you get an aftermarket stock it may or may not come with a tube but the thread/size is the same as an AR so they are interchangeable.
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