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I have one that I don't believe has ever been fired. Besides the original configuration it also comes with a McMillan A5 stock. The trigger is phenomenal. No take up, no creep, no over travel
I don't think I have to say what a fine rifle the FN is especially in the hard to find 300 WSM
So, here's a golden opportunity to get an FN Herstal Bolt Rifle in a magnum caliber. Which, btw, FN does not make anymore.
$1700 delivered via PayPal Family & Friends or USPS Money Order, Certified Bank Check or a Personal Check if you've been a member for a while here. Shipping via whomever my ffl uses.. Thanx for looking gang.
More pics upon request. Also, I'm trying to get this listed on Snipers Hide as well, but their site is messed up as of now. Also, I may decide to pull this. So, if ya ever wanted one, now is the time to jump. You will not be disappointed.
Also, PLEASE pm all comments. I really wanna keep the thread clean for possible further pics.
Thanx gang.
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