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First time at the range with my new Sigs.

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Last month I bought a P226 and just last week I got the P229 Extreme. I had done most of my shooting with my S&W M&P M2.0 and I would not want to say anything bad about the M2.0 because I do like the gun......But, holly be-jesus, these Sigs are something special. This morning was the first time that I have shot either of them. I am really liking my Sigs. Here is my first 5 shots ever with the 229 Extreme. For me, not too bad.


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Thank You, everyone. For some reason, I was shooting the 229 better than the 226. Maybe because it fits my small hands better...I have the target from my first 5 shots from the 226 also, but the 229 shots looks better. :)
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