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I picked up a 1953 Romanian TTC pistol from J&G Sales about two years ago and finally got around to shooting it today. My gun has a frame mounted thumb safety added so it could be imported. It was also refinished at some point giving it a melted look but all the original markings are still clear. Overall it looks well made.

The Tokarev is hammer fired SAO with a half cock notch. Front and back straps are smooth and there is a lanyard loop on the left side of the frame. The grip looks awkward in pictures but is actually quite comfortable. The single stack magazine holds eight rounds of the bottle necked 7.62x25 cartridge.

The rear sight is dovetailed in and has a u-notch. Mine is stamped with a "2" so I assume that there were different ones available to adjust elevation. The front sight is part of the slide and on my pistol looks to have been carved with a hammer and dull chisel. The trigger is a little heavy with a lot of loose take up but has a crisp break. The magazine ejects smoothly and the hammer cocks easily. However with the hammer decocked the slide is extremely difficult to rack.

I shot fifty rounds of 58gr Sellier and Bellot FMJ. Recoil was surprisingly mild, something between 9mm Luger and .32ACP. At seven yards using a six o'clock hold I was able to keep everything inside six inches with about half inside four inches. I suspect this was a combination of my unfamiliarity with the pistol and the tiny, mangled front sight. I had no malfunctions.

Field stripping is simple. It's just like a 1911 but with the addition of a removable hammer assembly similar to the Sig P210. My hammer assembly has the last two digits of the seral number on it. The grips are removed by inserting a screwdriver into that magazine well and rotating the lever on the grip panel that secures it to the frame.

After I was done I noticed that my range/LGS had a new production Zastava Tokarev in 7.62. The finish and sights were much nicer than my pistol and there were anti glare grooves along the top of the slide that mine lacks. The trigger was about the same. Theirs had a slide mounted safety that was very smooth to operate. It did not double as a decocker.

I enjoyed shooting my Tokarev and will keep it but I don't think I could recommend one. If you absolutely had to add one to your collection I think I would hold out for a non modified Chinese or Soviet GI bring back or the current production Zastava. If you were going to get a milsurp I'd recommend looking it over in person first. I've also read that the Yugoslavian and Polish pistols are a little nicer.

Here are some pictures :


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Please pay attention to where you are posting. This post has nothing to do with the optics and electronics forum. This has been moved to the guns forum.

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Now you need this guys stuff to complete your collection.


Tacticle grimace.

True warrier.

But odds are, he probably was a real soldier without food, a comfy home, much less a family to return to during that time.

So he can pose whichever way he wants.
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I am not so sure. I see 3 kinds of Grenades, a Revolver stuffed in a belt with Rifle Rounds in it while carrying what appears to be a PPSH 41. Either some of this is "War confiscated" or this is a Staged Photograph.

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Actually, he just walked into his house from a very successful trip to the local Gun Show,

and found his wife and the UPS man playing patty cake.

That should explain everything.
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