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FINALLY - MCX 300Blk SBR Setup Has Arrived

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WHooRaa!! Received SIG's SBR length MCX handguard today - It's the LAST component of the 9" 300Blk Caliber X-change Kit I ordered from SIG on April 7, 2016 - Exactly one year and a day ago.

Seems ironic that this simple little part has such significance!! Also, it's incredible that SIG's unbelievably SLOW delivery - Actually beat the ATF in this 300Blk SBR setup as well.

Yeah, the ATF forms 1 for the SBR and 4 for the suppressor were also submitted April 7, 2016. ATF approved the eForms form 1 last December, but while the paper form 4 was approved February 4, 2017 - The suppressor's stamp was apparently lost before reaching the local FFL. So, we're still waiting for a replacement stamp copy...

SIG's unbearable delays shipping their MCX Caliber X-Change Kits; their MOST unfortunate MCX Carriage Assembly recall; and their annoying changes to exactly what parts are actually included in these 'Kits' - This process remains me of what it was like the year my wife delivered twins!!

Well, I think I can actually shoot this thing now...

Here are MCX with her 16" 5.56 barrel and MRO optic setup .. Over her 9" 300Blk SBR configuration. Her overall length with the 9" barrel and KES stock collapsed is just over 23".



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nice! I got my barrel conversion for the 9" but haven't received the handguard yet. also waiting on the ATF stamp for the SBR. Think I'll have everything by July. ordered everything Sept 1 of 2016.
Thank you! Yeah, assuming your Form 1 is an eForms submittal, you should get an approval this month. FYI, I didn't get an approval notice email on my last form 1 last December, so login to check your status.

I've received 2 MCX handguards from SIG, and each took 6 to 8 weeks, but they don't seem to know when they'll show up...

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