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Finally did it.... first lever gun

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Finally did it, found a pristine older Marlin 336CS. Serial number identifies it as being made in 1993.

She's chambered in .35 Remington, which I didn't know much about. It's a 200 grain bullet traveling over 2000 fps.... should do a fine job at dropping hogs under 200 yards.

She came with this nice little leather cover for the stock, the scope and mount, and about 50 rounds of .35 to get me started.

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Congrats! The .35 Remington is a fantastic round. I'm sure you'll be pleased with it. It's a fine looking rifle! I recently picked up a Winchester M94 .30-30, so I understand the feeling. These guns are just really, really neat.

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Congratulations, nice acquisition, the .35 was a popular deer and black bear cartridge in the north years ago. As the others stated reloading probably your best bet to maintain any kind of stockpile of ammunition. Besides "expensive", it's probably one of those "seasonal" rounds, they only crank out just prior to "deer season".
What have you scoped it with, or was that part of the package?
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