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Finally can carry my P229 Legion DA/SA and SAO

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Hello all,. I'm actually fairly new to Sig in general just switched over about 1.5 years ago. For the past 25 years have always just been a Glock guy but my hands just never fit quite right on it due to short fingers, yet med/large sized palms. So on one outing at the range with a few of my friends one had just gotten a P229 Legion DA/SA he let me use, and I was sold from that day forward after using it & it's trigger.

Then came the issue, I just could not reach the trigger or just barely. So I ordered the Sig Short Reach Trigger and still just barely. So I was lurking around this site & found some info on primarily 2 triggers one being the Gray Guns dual adjustable p-series flat trigger. So I figured well let me give that a try & see if it helps. I must say it was well worth the upgrade as now I can finally reach the trigger comfortablely even off hand. Also for some reason the trigger pull feels a bit lighter could be due to the fact it's a flat face trigger. Prior to install I taped off where the Sig Short Reach trigger reached to compared to the new trigger.

Lastly finding a good holster for the Legions was another chore in itself but finally got something I liked & was happy with for my P229 Legion LE SAO RXP & DASA models.

P229 Legion RXP DA/SA with Sig Short Reach Trigger

P229 Legion RXP DA/SA with Gray Guns P-Series dual adjustable trigger

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Mine had the E2 grips on them and I found them to bulky, swapped out to some FDE ergo grips and love them.
Have them on my P229 SAS and my P226
They're thinner than the E2 and Legion grips. Sig sells them on their website.

Product Air gun Trigger Wood Purple
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Will check those out to see if they shorten even more the finger reach..
Any "thinner" grips for a Legion RXP SAO? Everything seems to be got DASA, not SAO.
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