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Fed up with Sig Optics

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When i first got my Romeo 4B it worked great. A friend of mine that hates red dots said it was the best he had seen. After a short time it started acting up, couldn't change reticles, couldn't control the brightness/dimness. Called CS and was treated great by the rep. who emailed me a return shipping label immediately. I was told 2-4 weeks turnaround. After 5 weeks I called and was told that he would check into the problem. A couple days later I got an email that said there was a warehouse problem and i would get a complete new unit. It took over 2 weeks to arrive and it doesn't work. The -button is inoperative. I can't change reticles and can't reduce the brightness. So, I called again and will have to send the unit back AGAIN. Not happy!
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stupid question but did you try replacing to battery? the battery that came with my 4m was absolute ****. the optic would turn on but the reticle wouldn't switch.

called SIG and they asked me if I tried a new battery. I thought they were crazy, the thing was brand new and it was turning on, set up the RMA got the return label. For S+G I grabbed an energizer that's been in a drawer for years. Worked perfectly.

Cheap Chinese batteries.
Not a battery issue, the - button didn't work. To make things worse, Sig CS told me to send the new one back and they would send another one. Sent it back, and was then told they didn't have anymore and the 4B has been discontinued and replaced by the 4H which isn't available yet. Who would of thought?
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